A New Season

As we sprint toward the finish line of winter in Missouri and jump headlong into spring, I am reminded of the seasons and how quickly they seem to change.  I’m reminded of the writer of Ecclesiastes who tells us “there is a season for everything under the heavens”. I, Zak, as one of your pastors […]

A Voice In The Ashes

On Wednesday, no two ashes were the same. The crosses drawn on foreheads with my pudgy thumb were as unique as snowflakes. I did them all, but no two the same. When we receive the ashes, we believe that not only are we allowing a pastor to inscribe a cross on our heads but that […]

All I Want For Christmas…Is A Break

Christmas. The Holiday Season. The most hap-hap-happiest season of all. Right? Well, it doesn’t always seem that way, does it? I know it doesn’t always feel that way for me. So, in order to share a little in the spirit of giving and all that, I want to present (see what I did there?) you […]

Hoisted By Our Own Petards

Much like uncelebrated country crooner David Ball, America has a thinkin’ problem. We have an empathy problem. We have a tolerance problem. We have a love problem. And more. Each of these items deserves its own time to discuss where we fall short and how we can do better, but that is not the scope […]

Why I Don’t Post Bible Verses on Social Media

I’m probably really bad at being a Christian. I mean, I love and serve others, pray, work to bring about God’s Kingdom here on Earth and all that, but I just feel like I’m not legit. One of the things that I really slack at is posting random Bible verses on social media. Apparently, that’s […]